Off the beaten path: La Creu de Gurb

While Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much going on, I still find myself missing the color green and fresh air. So for a change of scenery, Lucia, Tommy, Xavi and I took a trip outside of the city center to find some adventure in a place called Vic.

Xavi is Catalan, from a small town outside of Barcelona. He was forced into the role as tour guide and interpreter for the trip. As he taught us new Spanish words, we explained some traditional American slang and cliches (like "moseying along").

After a short walk through the town, we eventually found our path to the mountain and the lookout point. La Crue de Gurb refers to the huge wooden cross at the top of the mountain, named after Gurb, a nearby farming town.

The hike was steep at parts, but not too difficult. We stopped along the way to pick berries and take in the view of the Spanish countryside. Once we reached the top, we relaxed awhile, ate our lunches and enjoyed the 360° view. 

Photo courtesy of Lucia
Photo courtesy of Lucia
Photo courtesy of Lucia
During the hike, Xavi pointed out some fruit for us to try. It tasted similar to a sour grape or small plum, not very good to eat on its own, but it is used make a traditional after-dinner drink in Northern Spain: Pacharán. So, we rewarded ourselves after a full day of hiking to some Patatas Bravas and tall glasses of Pacharán back in Vic before our train ride to return to the city. 

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