Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five articles that inspire you to travel the world

Not too long ago, I wrote a post attempting to explain my desire to travel and what inspires me to go. I still do not completely understand where the urge comes from. It's something that I cannot explain and I think you only understand if you, as well, have these same feelings.

In an attempt to justify my somewhat nomadic lifestyle, I read a lot. I read to connect with people like me. I read to ensure myself that I am not crazy. And I read to inspire myself to continue on the adventure.

When I stumble across a piece of writing that captures these same reoccurring feelings that I have, I bookmark it. I read it again. I write down my favorite lines and online-stalk the hell out of the author, skimming through everything they've ever written.

So now, here is where I've found some inspiration and reassurance that I hope will bring some of the same feelings to you.

Here are five articles that just make sense.

Here are five articles that will inspire you to travel the world...

"While you’re young, you should travel. You should take the time to see the world and taste the fullness of life. Spend an afternoon sitting in front of the Michelangelo. Walk the streets of Paris. Climb Kilimanjaro. Hike the Appalachian trail. See the Great Wall of China. Get your heart broken by the 'killing fields' of Cambodia. Swim through the Great Barrier Reef. These are the moments that define the rest of your life; they’re the experiences that stick with you forever."

"This is your brain on adventure. This is your brain when you're lost in the world… They gave me this drug once. It was called "adventure." It was injected, a bite, into my brain and filled every cortex, every lobe, every bit of matter. It choked me. It changed me."

"She has developed a mind of her own during her studies, has gotten ideas from books that lead her to believe that perhaps another kind of education awaits her after graduation – the kind that involves leaping into the great unknown, of setting out on a journey. She has heard talk of cheap student fares and raucous hostels, whispered rumors of Incan ruins at dawn and dingoes at dusk. And she is intrigued. More than intrigued. Dear parents: brace yourselves: your daughter wants to travel the world."

"If you are lucky, you stop seeing the world as a series of things you do not have — a boyfriend, a baby, an adorable terrier – and you start noticing the things you do have. A healthy bank account, unburdened by mortgages or school loans. No romantic ties. Loving parents who wanted nothing but happiness for me. Years to burn. That kind of freedom is like a command from the universe to get off your ass and do something amazing."

"Let’s find our feet and take a walk, no RUN. Ya, let’s run. Let’s run like we’re five years old and time goes slower because everything is new again and we don’t yet know what every day will hold because we’re still using our imaginations to make it up. We’re still playing house, playing James Bond, playing make believe. Like we’re five years old and running through the grass, jumping over the dog poop, [stepping in the dog poop] and running for no particular reason except that we feel alive and we’re breathing and we can."

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