A new beginning in old Barcelona

Barcelona is a colorful place. After 10 days of living, walking, sweating and losing myself in this city, I have yet to find a cloud in the sky. And almost everything looks good against a bright blue backdrop. Even the graffiti'd metal doors. The street vendors with fake purses strategically set in your path. The clouds of cigarette smoke wafting from cafe tables. The fanny-packed tourists mumbling undetectable languages to their wandering children. Even the scruffy man playing the accordion outside the metro is glowing.

And amidst an unwelcome hustle of tourists and visitors that take over the city during the summer months, there is a feeling of calm. The people here seem to live their lives to enjoy them. The city awakens around 10 a.m., so no one has to get up early. Coffee breaks (or two.. or three.. or five.) are generously acceptable. Lunch should be enjoyed outside with friends over a course of two hours and two glasses of sangria. Nightlife is not restricted to the night time. And Sundays are reserved for sleeping, admiring the beautiful city, or lying on the beach.

I have a feeling this place will work just fine for now.
Lunch in the park
Mosaic art of Gaudi

Sunset over Banyoles Lake (no photo editing!)

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