Hey there! I'm Kelsey.

This blog is an outlet for me as I document my adventures through travel and daily life. I seem to be on a never-ending quest to find myself while getting lost in the world.

I fell in love with travel after adventuring across New Zealand for five months while studying abroad. I was also able to explore Australia and Fiji and I knew my love for travel wouldn't stop after returning to my home university.

I soon found myself visiting the coast of Ecuador for a short week. I felt a strong connection with the country and knew immediately that one week wasn't enough. A few months before college graduation, I basically begged for a post-grad internship with an ecotourism company in Canoa, a very small surf town. They agreed to have me help them develop their web site, blog and social media branding in exchange for room and board.

So shortly after graduation, with only a couple hundred dollars in my bank account, I flew alone to a country where I knew no one and didn't speak the language. I found myself living on an organic farm in the tropical forest. This was an amazing, and sometimes very difficult, experience.

Eventually, the money ran out and I needed to move on, but I wasn't ready to stop speaking Spanish. I took a job at a bilingual school so I could continue my life in Ecuador. After a year and an expired visa, I returned back to The States to try out a more settled life with a permanent career. That didn't work out so well, and I found myself with the desire to leave again.

I knew I wanted to continue speaking Spanish, so on to Spain! After becoming TEFL Certified in Barcelona, I moved to Madrid to find a job.

I loved the everyday challenges of living in a foreign country. I was constantly discovering new foods and customs, learning new words and seeing new sights. Every day was an adventure!

When Spanish visa issues plagued me, I decided it was time to move back to the Unites States and begin my career. I now work in social media as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Washington, D.C. I try to keep the expat mentality of finding adventure in everyday life while traveling every chance I get.

Along with travel, I love the mountains - hiking, climbing, and snowboarding down them. I enjoy reading, writing and making videos. I seem to find a connection with soccer in every country I call home. And I am a social media addict.

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