August Mixtape: Psychedelic Summer

When I travel, I find my taste in music changing drastically and adapting to whatever environment I find myself in (Ecuador: salsa, bachata, reggaeton; New Zealand: electro-pop, synth; Boone: jam bands, folk; etc.).

In an attempt to personally document my different moods and broad appreciation of music, I plan to share a Spotify playlist of 15 songs from whatever I am listening to each month.

During July and over the past few months, I have become obsessed with new psychedelic, alternative sounds. I think my inspiration stemmed from a friend's recommendation of Tame Impala a few years ago and my growing obsession with the band. I recently saw them live at The National in Richmond (with @Aimee__DUH) and it was such a great show that it has dictated the rest of my summer listening.

Most of this playlist has a fluid, psychedelic sound with strong echoes and a lot of falsetto. I'm also enjoying some hints of surf-rock that make this mix really feel like summertime, windows down, sun shining...

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