"O for awesome!"

“O for awesome!” is a common phrase used to express a deeper feeling of “Sweet As” and when your response toward the happening is greater than just plain awesome.

Surprisingly, kiwi’s are generally intelligent people. They may jump off of tall towers with rubber bands strapped to their feet and drive on the wrong side of the road, but they know that awesome is not spelled with an “o”.

So, where did this popular expression originate?

On October 10, 1992, Olympic heavyweight boxing champion David Tua appeared on a celebrity version of New Zealand’s Wheel of Fortune.

When his turn arrived, he aggressively spun the wheel and proudly asked for an “O… for awesome!”

Ever since the show aired, the phrase has stuck and its popularity continues to grow across the land of the long white cloud.

And now, thanks to Tua, I have my favorite New Zealand souvenir that will not make sense to most, if not all, Americans who see it.

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