The first goodbye.

My Kiwi flatmates (Anna, Jess and Lynelle) all move out tomorrow. It is going to be strange not having them here during these last weeks and I am not looking forward to it. I have become so used to being around them while they make fun of my accent or the things I eat or basically anything American thing I do. I am not ready to live in a quiet apartment and face the reality that I may never see them again.

Last night, to celebrate the end of their year in Auckland, we went out for dinner and got Magnum ice cream bars for dessert. This was my first Magnum even after hearing much praise from international students and kiwi's alike. I was not disappointed, but glad I did not discover this calorie-filled delicacy until the end of my time here.

When I returned to my room that night, I found a nice farewell gift from my flat ties:

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