A late Halloween recap

The month of October was gone before I knew it. The semester was quickly coming to an end, which meant exams were fast approaching and although we weren’t speaking about it, we all knew in the back of our minds that we would soon be saying our goodbyes.

Back home, the excitement for Halloween builds up weeks before the final night. Decorations are displayed across the aisles in grocery stores, battery-powered singing bats appear on porches along with mock cobwebs on the bushes and of course costume ideas are discussed daily. Halloween may even be the biggest holiday for university students, it’s right up there with St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo – basically just another excuse to celebrate alcohol.

This year, I was sitting with friends on a blanket in Albert Park enjoying the sunshine when it was brought up that it was the 31st of October. We planned on going to town that evening, but hadn’t necessarily prepared any costumes. A few ideas floated around until we decided to dress up as our guy friends. We have a close group of unique friends each with very distinguishable characteristics, so it wouldn’t be difficult to imitate them.

That night, we snuck into rooms to steal their clothes and supplies for our costumes. We got ready in secret and revealed ourselves altogether – it was obvious to everyone who we were impersonating.

Roberta dressed as our Maori friend Barry. She wore his signature hat and vest combo with a stain down the front of his white shirt and didn’t put down the Diesel (Burbon and Coke) can all night.

Audrey had crazy hair held in place with a red bandana and plaid button down shirt. She wore a thick hemp necklace and enthusiastically babbled about the environment all night, perfectly imitating Mason from Seattle.

Kristen successfully stole our Fijian friend Tim’s “Bula skirt” and brown vest. She even carried around a laundry basket to represent his frequent trips to “do laundry.”

Annie perfectly portrayed Mark with basic khakis and a full beard. She even chewed on hard spaghetti noodles for the full effect.

I dressed as my Norwegian friend Mads. I stole one of his signature cardigans and wore it with a beanie and bright wayfarer sunglasses. I changed my pants three different times to find the right pair, and each time they got brighter and tighter, ending with a skinny cut turquoise pair.

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