February Mixtape: Winter's Sun

It probable went unnoticed, but I failed to post a January mixtape. Somewhere between the holidays, a visitor in Madrid and a lack of inspiration, I couldn't get a good, cohesive playlist together. I started many drafts on Spotify, but never finished any worthy of posting.

So this month, instead of skipping out once again, I asked my friend Alanna to share some music. I've spoken about Alanna before. She's become a good friend in Madrid through a shared love of soccer, good music and weekday cocktail outings.

Alanna is also one of those people who has completely fallen in love with Madrid and immersed herself in the Spanish culture. So it's always interesting to me when she talks about missing aspects of her life back in Brooklyn.

Here is what she said about her inspiration for this wintery playlist:

“I escaped winter this year. Although I am glad to have avoided the endless storms and sky-high snow banks flanking the streets of New York, I have nonetheless experienced a certain amount of seasonal nostalgia. I remember the glow of a setting winter sun as it sinks into a peppermint sky, the stillness of an evening snowfall when you can't tell whether the flakes are flying up or down or just swirling around in infinite space....”      

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