Madrid's Little Secrets: Esta es una Plaza

Living in a large, metropolitan city takes its toll on me. I find myself craving green, organic spaces regularly.

So on Sunday, I took a stroll with my friend Danielle to show her one of my favorite "secret spots," hidden behind a big wall in Lavapiés, the most multicultural neighborhood of Madrid.

If you're just passing by, you probably won't even notice the secluded plaza despite the large sign on the door: Esta es una Plaza (This is a plaza).

Esta es una Plaza, the official name of the area, is a public square to be enjoyed by all. It's covered with interesting stencil art and filled with urban vegetable gardens, compost bins, recycled furniture, rope swings, tree houses, sand boxes, and even a wooden palette stage.

They organize community dinners, classes, activities for children, concerts and more. Anyone can also work in the garden on Wednesday and Sunday mornings or visit the free bike workshop on Sundays.

Although the plaza is a public space, it's not always open. On sunny days and every Sunday, the doors are guaranteed to be open so you can stop by to take a look around, people watch or just relax in the sun.
Visit Esta es una Plaza at c/Dr. Fourquet 24, Madrid. You can also check out their Facebook page or blog.
"ESTA ES UNA PLAZA is a shared garden open to all people that want to participate or enjoy the space."

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  1. I've walked past this plaza a bunch of times and noticed people coming and going, but I've never walked inside. I'll have to next time I'm in Lavapies. It looks like a wonderful place to take a mini city break. :)

  2. Oh, you HAVE to go in! It would be a great place for a blogger meet-up, too!

  3. This looks SO cool! I love living in the heart of the city, but I definitely crave green spaces too. This looks like something I'd find back home in Seattle! I'll have to check it out on a day when I'm feeling particularly homesick :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this looks absolutely enchanting! I know where I'll be going next time the sun is shining here in Madrid :)

    p.s. I love your photography style!

    1. Thanks Julia! And yes, hopefully the sun will be shining a lot more here soon ..we need more time to enjoy little escapes like this one!

      p.s. I also like your photography style! I think we have similar vision ;)

  5. Oh my, great find! I need to check this out!

  6. Very nifty! I was just in Lavapies the other day and I would have stopped by if I'd seen this earlier. Thanks for documenting + sharing!