October Mixtape: Sounds of Otoño

Boone, NC in October 2008
This past month, as my Instagram feed filled with pictures of pumpkin spice everything, I was still sweating in my apartment in Madrid.

Without air-conditioning, my fan was constantly blasting. No leaves were falling outside my window. And while I was dreamt of boots and sweaters, my denim cut-offs were still a regular favorite.

All I could do to pretend autumn had arrived was read this and listen to some slower, pleasant fall-ish music while I overheated in the underground metro.

This playlist is definitely easier listening than the August or September mixes. It's comfort food music that should be enjoyed while walking in the crisp air with leaves crunching under your feet.

It starts out with a little taste from Dr. Dog's newly released album: 'B-Room.' I thought that I had maybe outgrown the band, but while 'B-Room' is definitely the same old Dr. Dog, it reflects a wide range of genres and you can find something suitable for whatever mood you're in.

Actually, a lot of this mix is nostalgic for me with many artists that I haven't been listening to since I was back at college in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Dr. Dog, Langhorne Slim, The Black Keys, Trey Anastasio/Phish, Jenny Lewis), but right now it brings comfort to a foreign place and it just feels right.

1. Dr. Dog – Too Weak to Ramble; 2. The National - I Should Live in Salt; 3. Futurebirds – Strangers; 4. The Black Keys – Dearest; 5. Jenny Lewis – Sing A Song For Them; 6. Sparklehorse – Return To Me; 7. Goldfrapp – Stranger; 8. The Bombay Bicycle Club – Fairy Tale Lullaby; 9. Middle Brother – Daydreaming; 10. Delta Spirit – People, Turn Around; 11. Langhorne Slim – Coffee Cups; 12. Fruit Bats – Tony the Tripper; 13. Trey Anastasio – Let Me Lie

And now that I am posting this, the Fall (or Otoño) has arrived. A few days ago, the rain came and washed away any signs of summer that were still present.

Although I do not expect an influx of Pumpkin Spice Lattes here in Spain, I am ready for the sweaters and crisp air accompanied by some good music.

Do you like the music? Check out previous playlists, too! September & August 

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  1. Isn't fall the best thing ever? so cute!

    1. Yes, I love fall... i'm just waiting for it to officially arrive here in Madrid!

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