The Miss List.

I continuously hear my international friends talk about what they miss about home. Kristen misses steak and cheese subs from Grumpy's restaurant in Massachusetts. Nicklas misses thick bread from Sweden. Elizabeth misses pilates classes back at school in Iowa. Mads misses watching Premier League matches and drinking beer on Saturday afternoons in Norway. And of course everyone misses family and friends.

But I haven't thought too much about what I miss. I think I am just too wrapped up in this country and culture that I don't consider all of the reasons I love my home. So here are a few things that help me look forward to returning:

  • Brynn & Missy (Of course my dogs are at the top of this list. The rest is in no particular order)
  • Spin classes at Mt. Mitchell
  • Friends that listen to the same music as me
  • Running with Anna
  • Having a washer and dryer in my apartment
  • Sleeping in a bed with multiple pillows
  • Jumping off of waterfalls in Boone
  • Recycling (New Zealand may be an extremely green and environmentally aware country, but I have seen very few recycle bins here)
  • Having strangers say "Bless you" when you sneeze
  • Planning Halloween costumes and parties
  • Reading a hardcopy of The Appalachian
  • Leaves changing colors during Fall in the mountains of Boone
  • Wireless internet
  • "Simply Orange" juice
  • Falling asleep with the T.V. on
  • Wearing sweatpants and hoodies to class
  • Greek salad and focaccia bread from Tony's (and walking into the restaurant and seeing at least 10 people you know)
  • Having more than seven television channels
  • Watching football (Home games at ASU and Redskins games on T.V.)
  • Poundtown flag football
  • Driving my jeep

Now, once I return home I can't imagine what my list of things I miss about New Zealand is going to look like. It will probably very, very long...

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