Old friends in new places: Tarifa, Spain

A recently travelled form Madrid to the south of Spain to meet up with my good friend Julia. We hadn't seen each other since living in Ecuador together almost a year and half ago.

She and her boyfriend Jasper took some time off from work in Hamburg and came to enjoy a little sunshine in Spain. They rented a cozy apartment through Airbnb which sat in the hills of Marbella and was perfect for cooking some nice meals, relaxing, and catching up over lost time.

My favorite day together was when we started off with a delicious breakfast spread and then travelled west along the coast to Tarifa, the windsurfing capital of Europe situated on the southernmost tip of Spain. Standing on the beach, you can look across the Straits of Gibraltar and see a clear view of Morocco just 14 kilometers away.

While it was clearly the off season, it was still easy to see that this town is a paradise for adventure seekers and laid-back hippies alike. I'm hoping to make my way back again when the weather improves.

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