"Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change." - Dr. Milton Erickson

Humans are creatures of routine. Routines are good. They make us feel comfortable and content. They help us to stay organized and have plans. I believe in routines and have found that I am happier when I am consistently busy, but it's also good to shake things up.

Every change I have made in my life has taught me something about myself. Whether it has been a change of setting, work, exercise, or diet. Change is challenging and powerful but can also be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding thing.

I'm still adapting to the challenges of living in Spain, but even here I'm looking to incorporate some new changes into my daily routine. One change I have been thinking about is the idea of creating more. This came about after painting with watercolors with my 5-year-old English student. So I have been playing around with the concept of "fake" calligraphy, and instead of creating today's quote photo on the computer, I hand wrote it in my Moleskin in between teaching classes.

So, what will you try to change? 

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